Drama & the celebration of life

By: M.W.Dennis W. Pothier, PGM

On April 8th and 9th, Scottish Rite Freemasonry was a showcase of the hard work and dedication of the works of the Lodge of Perfection from many parts of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. Brethren traveled from as far as Rochester, New York and most of the New England States to participate, at the invitation of Boston Lafayette Lodge of Perfection, Valley of Boston, to provide the drama of the 4th to the 14th degree.

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Helping Hometown Heros

Veterans who visit Providence’s VA Medical Center usually have to park a good distance from the front door entrance. For those with walking disabilities, this could mean a tough walk up hill or a long trek from the back parking lots. The VA has a shuttle service made up of two golf carts to look for and pick up Veterans to bring them to the entrance. Over the years the vehicles have worn down and faced many, many repairs to keep them going. Both are now in desperate need of replacement.

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The Marquis and Major-General

When last I wrote of Marie-Paul-Joseph-Roch-Yves-Gilbert-Motier de Lafayette, he was escaping the trappings of a court life to which he did not fit and a change in climate for the noble born military officer with little prospect of work.

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